TIM LATHAM photo by Manuela Rana

Grammy Award-winning Producer, Mixer, and Engineer Tim Latham was born and raised in New York in the mid 60’s surrounded by music. He took up piano and bass at a young age and playing in local bands throughout high school eventually led him to the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston. While at Berklee he began his studio career interning at local studios including The Cars’ Synchro Sound as well as producing and mixing countless projects for his classmates.

After graduating Berklee in 1989, Tim moved back to New York for his full-time studio gig with a New York studio that produced the backing tracks played in Karaoke machines. While it was far from a glamorous job he found that having to reproduce the sound of the records that he grew up with and being surrounded by gifted engineers provided him with a new set of tools that he would soon need.

Tim Latham featured on Pensado’s Place

Tim built his own Invictus Studio at his home in Long Island in 2006, when he saw “the handwriting on the wall that everything was moving in the box. Recalls were becoming more and more important, and budgets were being slashed, and I needed to survive, so I relearned how to mix inside of Pro Tools, which had sounded terrible before HD, to be honest. But HD was a tremendous leap forward. For a long time afterward the plug-ins still weren’t that great, so it was a challenge to achieve the sounds I had in mind. But plug-ins sound much better now and I can’t say enough about how good UAD’s plug-ins are. So I now work on HDX, with Avid I/O, an Antelope Isochrone OCX clock, and a UAD PCIe Octo Card and Quad Satellite. My monitors are Genelec 1031As and Avantone MixCubes, and I still have a smattering of outboard, like two Daking 91579s, and a pair of Distressors, all of which I use as drum compressors, an Avalon 747 compressor/EQ and a few other toys.” (excerpt from full feature in Sound On Sound Magazine-LINK)