Tim Latham


Grammy Award winning Producer, Mixer and Engineer Tim Latham was born and raised in New York in the mid 60’s surrounded by music. He took up piano and bass at a young age and playing in local bands throughout high school eventually led him to the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston. While at Berklee he began his studio career interning at local studios including The Cars’ Synchro Sound as well as producing and mixing countless projects for his classmates.

After graduating Berklee in 1989, Tim moved back to New York for his full time studio gig with a New York studio that produced the backing tracks played in Karaoke machines. While it was far from a glamorous job he found that having to reproduce the sound of the records that he grew up with and being surrounded by gifted engineers provided him with a new set of tools that he would soon need.

Role at Battery Studios

Within months of moving back to New York Tim was selected to work at Battery Studios. In his early days at Battery Tim became known by his peers and the senior members of the studio staff as a hard working and gifted assistant. He quickly outgrew his role as just an assistant and became the first choice for mixer and engineer for many of the Producers at Battery including Tony Platt (AC/DC, Bob Marley, Iron Maiden) and Bob Power (Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Roots.) Clive Calder, the owner of Battery Studios and the owner of Zomba/Jive Records also took notice.

While at Battery he worked with groundbreaking artists like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One and Kid Rock. These experiences laid the foundation for his early career but being someone who enjoyed working with all kinds of music. Tim also sought out work outside of hip-hop and worked with artists like Buddy Guy and Brittney Spears.

Going Freelance

In 1994 Tim decided to take these wonderful experiences and go into business for himself. He had soon engineered records for D’angelo, Erykah Badhu, the Pharcyde and Ol’ Dirty Bastard and while bouncing around studios all over NYC, he was introduced to another producer and now long time collaborator Andres Levin. Working with Andres provided Tim with a door into the Latin music world that increased Tim’s musical vocabulary exponentially. They started their work together on Colombia’s Aterciopelados, Brazil’s Carlinhos Brown and Daniela Mercury and a few records for the Red Hot organization as well as Andres’ own project – Yerba Buena.

During the mid-late 90s, Tim met a rock/rap trio from NY fronted by a smart assed Desert Storm Marine veteran, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals. All of his previous experience from the Karaoke studio to A Tribe Called Quest came together with a group that mashed up styles with ease. Hip hop, blues and country were brought together with an extra special sense of humor. This was the first time acted as the producer, engineer and mixer on the same album. FLC albums have since been used by engineers around the world as a reference point to determine the characteristics in unfamiliar studios.

After working around the clock for a decade Lou Reed selected Tim to engineer Reed’s records Ecstasy and the Raven. Tim also began engineering and mixing for producer Andrew Loog Oldham who had produced records with everyone from the Rolling stones to Jimmy Cliff to Donovan. Andrew and Tim recently completed an album for Argentina’s biggest R&R band, Los Ratones Paranoicos.

Pro tools based mixing studio

In 2006 Latham decided to build his own pro tools based mix studio. In spite of having spent most of his career in the analog world, Tim was quickly able to learn the ins and outs of pro tools and within months was able to create sounds digitally that few on the planet could distinguish from the analog mixes he did at Electric Lady.

After over 28 years in the music industry and having worked on over twenty gold and platinum albums Tim is still amazed and flattered that he gets invited into people’s dreams for a living. Tim is always looking for new and interesting projects regardless of genre.