Tim Latham


A colleague in New York recommended Timothy when I called asking for a suggestion for an engineer to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina with me to record Los Ratones Paranoicos. I asked for an engineer and got a battalion. An all rounder , at one with everything required. A musician’s engineer – the Rolling Stones should use him…. they might make a decent record. Audie Murphy came back as Tim Latham , pragmatic, pure and on point… and my work has been much better for it. May yours be as well. Saludos,

Andrew Loog Oldham, ( Producer for The Rolling Stones, Ratones Paranoicos, author, radio personality) Bogota, Colombia , September MM9

“I’ve been mastering records that Tim has mixed for the past 15 years.  The consistency and quality of his mixes rank amongst the best that I receive.  His easy going nature and great sense of humor combined with his talent make him an asset to every project he’s involved in”

Tom Coyne, (Senior Mastering Engineer, Sterling Sound) 2009

“Who is Tim Latham?”…
If you ever hear someone say that, give ’em a good ‘ol kick in the ass!
For they have never listened to some of the greatest sounding recordings of all time!
….All courtesy of Mr. Tim Latham! Most of my favorite albums have been worked on by Tim.
He is a great challenger to have on the golf course as well! Afterwards, partake in a steak with Tim…you won’t regret it!
All in all, you gotta give it up to the man!
Just look at the records he’s worked on, the music speaks for itself….
God bless ya Tim!…

Fast (Multi-instrumentalist for muti-platinum recording artist, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals) 2009

There’s nothing better than working with someone who knows how to get what you want. One of the most important things for me is the drums, and I’ve not worked with anyone with more understanding and passion for sound. He always gets the best out of me, and the amazing use of space he uses within the sound of drums, he finds it for me every time.. glad to call him a friend as well as a colleague.

Frank Benbini (Drummer for muti-platinum recording artist, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals) 2009

“In this business we call music, there is not a better pair of ears. Not just for his sonic ability in the realm of mixing and recording, but Tim takes the time to listen to the artist he is working with to achieve the best result humanly possible. I am proud to have recorded and mixed all of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals material with Tim and consider him a great friend and the forth member of the band.”

Huey (Singer for muti-platinum recording artist, The Fun Lovin’ Criminals) 2009

“I have worked with Tim Latham for over 12 Years. His versatility as a mixing and recording engineer is incomparable. We have worked on records I’ve produced of many different styles and he is always on the money with the right direction and sound. Not to mention he is probably the most pleasant and funny person I Know.”

Andres Levin- (Grammy wining producer and artist, Yerba Buena,CuCu Diamantes, Orishas) 2009

“Tim has a great ear and a quick turn around time. His sensibility for all kinds of genres is awesome! Even when we’re working in separate cities, I trust what he’s going to do with the songs!”

Speech- (Arrested Development, Solo artist, author) 2009

“Tim Latham is one of the few master’s of mixing in the record industry today. His knowledge of music and his ability to adapt to any genre make him an asset to any project. As one of the producers of the “In The Heights” Broadway Cast album, I had the pleasure of working with him in the creation of a Grammy Award winning recording that redefined what could be done with albums of this kind.”

Bill Sherman (Producer,Arranger In The Heights) 2009

Tim Latham is amazing. The mixes came out of the gate sounding better than
I could have hoped, and then they got better still. His ear, wide idiomatic
knowledge, and attention to detail are impeccable, and he has an uncanny
ability to make even rough tracks pop with the energy of a finished
recording. We’ll be back!”

Max Gabriel-
(Independent artist) 2010