Tim Latham

Mixing Services

The mixing process

After an agreement has been reached and I receive the raw files, either pro tools sessions or .wav files by mail of via ftp, I copy them into a separate hard drive and the originals will be not be touched again. This is a precautionary measure. While it has yet to happen to me, ones and zeros have the potential to disappear easier than 2″ tapes. The original copy will be returned with all of the updated sessions as well as final mixes if requested.

Once the mixing process begins, I will be in contact with everyone involved with the project. When I’m getting close to a finished mix, I’ll email out mp3s to everyone for comments/suggestions and move on to the next song while I wait for comments. I find that  it is easier to make changes before a mix is completed, and I avoid mixing myself into a corner. I also encourage communicating via skype as a bit get can lost in translation with emails alone.

Feedback process

By the time I’ve received a compiled list of comments on the first mix, I’ll have the second song mixed to a similar point and so on. Typically, it takes two rounds of comments before the final mix is realized.


Once the mixes are finished and approved and payment as been received, the mixes will be posted as either full bandwidth .wav or .aiff files onto a password protected ftp site or an idisk.

A hard copy cd/dvd will be provided if requested.