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Audio Mastering and other updates

Audio Mastering and other updates

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I’m back. I’ve been extremely busy (thankfully) mixing while I’ve been trying to expand my studio to offer a greater depth of services. I’ve also been working to complete by mix engineer handbook as well as get the finishing touches together for my online audio mixing school. There were a few but significant technical hurdles to conquer in an effort to ensure that the clients experience would operate as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Beta testing soon.

I’m in the early stages of offering audio mastering as well as mixing services to my clients. I’ve been asked too many times to ignore the question any longer. I spent time researching mastering software that I could incorporate into my recording studio so I could take advantage of my analog gear as well as all of my hardware and my expansive plug-in collection. I’m comfortable with the balance I’ve struck.

I’ve also updated my pro tools rig to a Mac Pro with a dual 8-core processor with 12gig of ram as well as Pro Tools 9. There is always too much time spent converting from the old to the new, but it’s crucial that it’s done correctly.

I’ve been working with a lot of interesting independent artists lately who are not afraid to take chances and are making some bold musical statements. It’s an enjoyable time for music and an exciting time for me as I venture into the unfamiliar world of mastering. I’ve been working on a bunch of EP’s and singles for itunes and a very big full cd live album release, my confidence growing with each project. While I’m extremely comfortable mixing, I’m getting there with my mastering abilities.